Hotel Shiragiku

Hot spring


Beppu Hot Springs is as know as
"Mountain is Mt.Fuji, sea is Setouchi, hot spring is Beppu"
all over Japan.

Our hot spring is called "Hot water of beauty".
Because of hydrogen carbonate spring after you enjoy our hot spring,
your skin will be smooth.
Also the source of a hotel spring's temperature is 50℃ which called "Cool hot water",
you can feel a refreshing effect.

"Efficacy" ... fatigue recovery, nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, etc.


The all-cypress indoor bath and the open-air bath,please enjoy with looking up into the night sky.

Kusunoki  photo01


The open-air bath with Japanese style stone tower and you can enjoy the "bubble bath" and "mist bath" in the inner bath.

Kiku  photo01 201805


"SPA Suite room"to provide you healing and comfortable sleep.
You can enjoy the hot springs at anytime during your staying.

Kikumanyo  photo01

component properties of hot spring

Opening time 13:00 - 24:30 / 5:00 - 9:30
Kikuyudono 1 Open-air bath, 1 Inner bath capacity ... 60 people
Kusuyudono 1 Open-air bath, 1 Inner bath capacity ... 100 people
Public bath for men`s section and women`s section separately
Safety box Free of charge
Amenities Bath towel, body towel, shampoo, rinse, cosmetics dryer, iced tea
The nature of spring hydrogen carbonate spring
Amount of discharge Autologous source (per minute 60 liters)
Source temperature 50℃ (Adding water to adjust temperature)
Indications of bath Rheumatic diseases, wounds and burns, chronic disease, skin itching
Day use only for bath Adult fee 1000 yen
Children fee 500 yen
Available time 13:00 - 22:00
Reservation +81-977-21-2111 Btn close m