The heart of hospitality,'OMOTENASHI' which has been lasted for more than half a century.

You can enjoy the luxury taste of Oita with Japanese Kaiseki cuisine.
If you are looking for heartwarming special tirp,
please visit the Hotel Shiragiku.

The heart of hospitality, 'OMOTENASHI'

Hotel Shiragiku

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TEL : +81-977-21-2111

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to "Heartwarming hotel", the Hotel Shiragiku in Beppu Hot Springs

We are aiming for "The Heartwarming hotel",
to achieve this we are keeping in mind
the following three things always.

1. more comfortable service
2. more delicious cuisine
3. more comfortable and clean space

Each hotel staff is always thinking of "Omotenashi service "to make guests happy.
If you want to feel "Heartwarming", please visit the hotel Shiragiku.

Representative Director
Yoichi Nishida

Room Kikuman'you


Beppu Hot Springs is as know as
"Mountain is Mt.Fuji, sea is Setouchi, hot spring is Beppu"
all over Japan.

Our hot spring is called "Hot water of beauty".
Because of hydrogen carbonate spring after you enjoy our hot spring, your skin will be smooth.
Also the source of a hotel spring's temperature is 50℃ which called "Cool hot water",
you can feel a refreshing effect.

"Efficacy" ... fatigue recovery, nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, etc.

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